The Whole Child - The Whole World - The Whole Universe




“WISD students are empowered 21st century learners with effective communication, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills they can adapt for success in higher education and the diverse global marketplace. Students are engaged in learning through real-world opportunities that extend beyond the classroom and the school day. All WISD staff members are committed to facilitating and inspiring student learning and creativity; designing and developing digital-age learning experiences; and modeling digital-age work, citizenship, and responsible learning by engaging in continuous professional growth and leadership.”




The Mission of WISD, based on the Principles of growth, integrity, honesty, Human dignity and service, is to affirm individuality and interdependency as we:


  • Facilitate the acquisition, and application of academic, career and technology expertise,

  • Inspire lifelong learning,

  • Recognize and foster the creativity and talents of each unique talents of each unique individual, and

  • Enkindle individual, social, civic; and global responsibility so that our students gain and develop the capacity to make sense of and positively shape the future.